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Film BOL: Pakistani women will wipe out terrorism

Many years before, on my first visit to Australia as a visiting professor there I had a set of very bright undergraduate students whom I had to teach. Gujarat Communal riots were fresh in memory.  A Vietnamese student asked me – “You come from Gujarat?” to which I said “yes”. She further asked “Wasn’t this the place where the recent violence took place?” To this I said “Yes”. Bright girl that this student was she further remarked something which was thought provoking. “How is it that in the land of Gandhi does one sees this type of violence?” I do not know if she understood what I said in my reply “Gandhi is most relevant in Gujarat”.  As time has passed I have found this to be very true. Ram is most relevant and has to be born in India. Yitzhak Rabin is most relevant and has to be born in Israel and Martin Luther King is most relevant in U.S.A. It is in the most contrasting or opposite environments that apostles who epitomize sensibility become relevant.
          I see such a role an…