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EARNING FROM YOUR CHILD’S DEATH (And wife’s critical illness!)

            Mrs. A walks into the hospital with pregnancy 8 months, raised B.P. and her unborn child, she has been told by her attending obstetrician, is sick. We examine her and find that she indeed has a very high B.P.This process has affected her kidneys to some extent and her unborn child is actually dead. There is no heart sounds coming from the fetus. We perform a sonography and inform the pregnant woman and her family of the situation. We also inform them of the need for early delivery now that the fetus is dead within. They agree.
Labour is induced and in due course of time she has a still born delivery. After nearly a week to ten days her high B.P. and associated sicknesses get cured and it is time to discharge the subject.           This is the time when the parents of the patient walk into our chamber and pay the bill. This middle-aged couple pays the bill. After the bill has been paid, the son-in-law walks in and produces all the forms, prescriptions and documents …