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Recurrent Spontaneous Miscarriages:latest BEST SELLER in Obgyn

About the book:
New and latest edition of this best-selling book titled Recurrent Spontaneous Miscarriages has just been published and has already been declared The Best Seller in obgyn. Extensively overhauled, profusely illustrated and interlaced with clinical case studies, this new edition covers all aspects of recurrent miscarriages up-to-date. This second edition has many nuances incorporated within. Aspects of Obstetric vasculopathies in reference to recurrent miscarriages have been specially handled. Special attention has been given to recent advances in immunology and ultrasonography in approach to a subject with recurrent miscarriages. Frequently asked questions regarding the use of heparin, progesterone, HCG and other supplements have been refreshed in the light of latest literature. Literature review has been stretched to include references upto December 2013. Evidence-based practice in recurrent miscarriages with practical tips to the management of these cases has been conti…