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Oxygen, Metamorphosis and Preeclampsia: Amazing Nature

In our perception when someone talks of amazing nature, the reader almost always feels it must be something with natural scenic beauty around us. However being in the field of research and academics for three decades now, I have found natural beauty in each and every natural phenomenon, live tissues, cells and sub-cellular particles. One such natural beauty which for an average onlooker can appear, ugly, is the phenomenon of Obstetric Vasculopathy. Amongst all obstetric vasculopathies, preeclampsia is the one which is most studied and gives us time to go into its depth.

Oxygen: Oxygen is rightly called “Pranvayu” in local vernacular or life-giving air. It is basic to sustenance of all life on this planet. Following this rule the fetal system needs to arrange for a robust and sustained supply of oxygen for its survival and growth. Trophoblasts have been assigned this responsibility. As is well known the cytotrophoblasts undergo a rapid proliferation as soon as implantation occurs. They i…