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The Problem With We Indians Is We Refuse To Grow-up (In lighter vein)

The great Indian Nani Palkhiwala in his book We The People once said: “The problem with we Indians is we refuse to grow up”. When I read this the first time I could not quite understand what this eminent thinker and a fine human being meant. But the more I applied my mind to this over a period of time, I realize how true he was. In every walk of life – private or public I find this to be so true.

Queuing or Crowding?

We have seen children - they are so impatient. Don’t we see such impatience everywhere amongst us Indians? We don’t like queues. We want to rush in. Even when someone else is sitting with the officer may be in a bank or in an office, we can’t wait for them to finish. We interject our papers between the two and start talking about our matter. The other day I was at a Haldiram restaurant in New Delhi. I was ordering something to eat and an elderly gentleman just barged in, thrust the money in the cashier’s hands and yelled: “One samosa and one aloo chat for me”! I remember …